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Take me away cause i just don t wanna stay. Dont you wanna stay here a. Come and take me away I feel like I am all alone All by myself I need to get around this My words are cold I dont want them to hurt you If I show you I dont think youd understand Cause no one understands All the pain I thought I knew All the thoughts lead back to you Back to what was never said. Just take me away Dont give up on me yet Dont forget who I am I know Im not there yet But dont let Me stay here alone This time what I want is you There is no one else Who can take your place Ive seen enough and its never enough It keeps leaving me needing you Take me away Take me away Ive got nothing left to say Just take me away Take. Baby I Just cant I dont wanna Stay away Stay away From you From you From you you you you you. Let the world just disappear Let me leave it behind Let me have one day alone I want the thrill and sensation Of living life in the unknown I just wanna stop and breathe I dont care whats coming next I just wanna frame this day Lifes too short to have regrets If I sail away Will I meet the sea If I saw the sky Will I feel the breeze Let me live in the clouds Let me sleep beneath the trees. Take me away Cause I just dont want to stay All the lies you make me say Are getting deeper every day These are crazy days But they make me shine Time keeps rolling by All around the world Youve gotta spread the word Tell em what you heard Were gonna make a better day And all around the world Gotta spread the word Tell em what you heard. Cause every time that we rendezvous I dont wanna go back home And every time that Im holding you There aint no way to let you go You shut it down boy the game is through I dont wanna play no more Cause the only one that I want is you So tell me what you wanna do because baby. Cause I just cant stay away Theres nothing that I can do. Dont make me close one more door I dont wanna hurt anymore Stay in my arms if you dare Or must I imagine you there Dont walk away from me Dont walk away from me Outro Dont you dare walk. JustSomeLyrics 54 543 Spiritual Beggars Treading Water Lyrics Classified Problemz. Take Me Away Lyrics. Verse 1 I dont wanna go go go Cause nobody will know know know who I am People only know know know A fraction of me na na na who I am I try to hide my heart.

Its not in my power to leave you You control the soul in me and I Just cant Thats exactly why I Stay away Cant stay away From you From. Take me as I am Put your heart in mine Stay with me forever Cause I am just a man Who never understood I never had a thing to prove Till there was you You and me Then it all came clear so suddenly How close to you that I wanna be Just say youll love me for the rest of your life I gotta lot of love and I dont want to let go Will you still. To tell the truth Im just tryna stay away from you Cause I dont wanna see you anymore Every. I need to find a purpose- I need to feel you needing me. Take me away cause i just don t wanna stay I dont want to run away but I cant take it I dont understand If Im not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am Is there any way that I could stay in your arms. I know youre so solo but I cant. 443 Likes 14 Comments – _vveeera on Instagram. Take me away – cause I dont wanna lose control Take me away- cause I dont wanna lose it all Relieved of all the pain you let me see again Delievered from my shame now and I am lost for what to say Cleansed and pure and weak I suffer when I dream. Stay away Cant From you You see it in my eyes Cause Im wanting you needing you ho. Share my life Take me for what I am Cause Ill never change All my colors for you Take my love Ill never ask for too much Just all that you are And everything that you do. I dont really need to look very much further I dont wanna have to go where you dont follow I wont hold it back again this passion inside Cant run from myself theres no where to hide. Cause I didnt take you there Get out my head Take me away take me away Dont wanna see you fade out Take me away take me away Dont wanna hear it out loud Take me away take me away Dont wanna see you fade out Take me away take me away Dont wanna see you fade out Cause you-ouu keep us undercover u-us undercover Cause you-ouu You hold me close tell me that you. I cant handle this confusion Im unable.

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Take me away cause i just don t wanna stay I really hate to let this moment gotouching your skin and your hair falling slow when your goodbye kiss feels like this Chorus.

Take me away cause i just don t wanna stay. HttpsmarturlitdeadweighteuCD LP AND DIGITAL AUS.

Take me away cause i just don t wanna stay HttpsmarturlitdeadweighteuCD LP AND DIGITAL AUS.

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