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How to pass an exam you didn t study for. Compartmentalized learning is an exercise in insanity. Usually at the end of the chapter in a textbook there are summaries. Dont stop until the. The first thing I would recommend would be to sit down and decide why you didnt pass. If you didnt pass this report can help you identify if there was a specific content area that you need to improve. You can find your report by logging into your account and clicking Results on the left menu. You will wait to begin studying again after you get the breakdown of your exam results from CCMC. Dont trust everything you read but figure out what the consensus seems to be. Put yourself in the right mind frame Okay this advice might sound a little bit vague but obviously there isnt a super solid strategy for pulling off an exam you didnt study for – its all going to be in the little things you can do during or just before an exam. Just mark or highlight everything you remember being on the test. Get the study guide Buy a study. Review your study resources for subjects that you recognize from the exam as this will help you remember questions from the test.

Whether you pass your exam or not a special report is created in your account that shows how you did on each major section of the exam. Did the test play to your weak areas instead of your strengths. Search online Type the name of the book and essays into your search engine and youll find tons of information about the plot characters and subtext. Did the test have more of a certain type or different questions than you anticipated. How to pass an exam you didn t study for A comparable strategy would be if the users of the web didnt hyperlink anything. Winning a test that you dont actually know half the information on it sounds impossible but not to a holistic learner. Best thing you can do is find someone who has passed the CPA exam and pick their brain on what they did that worked and didnt work. I also recommend that your first step to recovering from failure is that you take a CPA Exam Study Personality Quiz to help you assess if there are smarter ways you. Were you able to put the appropriate amount of time into studying. If they are there read them and skim over all of the important terms that may be listed. You want to know whether or not you passed that section so that you can keep studying for it since your mind is already wrapped around those concepts. On the other hand if you find out that you did pass it would have been a waste of a few weeks or so that you could have spent studying for the next section of the CPA Exam.

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How to pass an exam you didn t study for

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